Prentiss Madison

Know Your Reps! Know Your Rights! Know Your Power! 2019 Local Elections in Brazos County

Many other cities throughout Texas just had their local (AKA “municipal”) elections. Bryan / College Station doesn’t have ours until the fall. Activist friends in larger cities are (rightly) complaining about an abysmal voter turnout of 11.5% (San Antonio) or 9.87% (Dallas).

Many candidates in these cities ran unopposed. Many won with approximately 100 votes. Some lost by less than 50 votes.


As bad as the turnout is in major cities, in Brazos County, our turnout is even worse. According to

In Brazos County, our voter turnout in the 2017 municipal elections was 8.7%.

Fall elections are supposed to yield a higher voter turnout, because voters are more accustomed to voting in the fall. Our turnout is lower than elsewhere even though we are supposed to have the added advantage of holding elections in the fall.

The first step to increasing voter turnout for local elections is for ALL OF US to talk about local candidates and local issues throughout the year. That also means spreading information—always be teaching! We need to empower ourselves and others with the necessary information. An informed citizen is more likely to be a VOTER. An informed, engaged voter is more likely to feel comfortable running for office.

Don’t feel bad if you feel uninformed. Young Dems BCS will be providing resources so that you can feel empowered & informed! We aim to make it as accessible as possible so don’t worry—we gotchu!

Here are some seats up for election in the fall:


Bryan City Council:

College Station City Council:

  • Mayor Karl Mooney (running unopposed)

  • Jerome Rektorik, Place 2


Bryan ISD School Board

3 positions up for election representing single member districts

  • 1

  • 3

  • 5

 If you live in Bryan but you aren't sure what district of Bryan ISD you are in, check out this map. This is how you determine which seat you would be running for. If you are in district 1, 3, or 5--your seat is up this year and you should think about running! 

College Station ISD School Board

  • Place 3,

  • Place 4

  • Place 5

 The seven-member College Station ISD Board of Trustees all serve three-year terms in at-large positions (so it doesn’t matter where you live in College Station—you can vote for each school board position).

Residents of Brazos County also have the opportunity to vote on Texas Constitutional Amendments. Learn more here.