Speak Out Against Racial Profiling in Brazos County

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At a Bryan City Council meeting on 2/12, a report was released on the racial disparity in Bryan PD’s policing. Watch the video of the report here.

The findings are disturbing, and show that black people comprised 25% of traffic stops, though they make up only ~14% of Bryan’s driving population. Latinx people were also pulled over at a rate disproportionate to their percentage of the population.

We also found that in BrazosCounty:

  • Latinx people are incarcerated 89% more than White people.

  • Black people are incarcerated 898% (about 9x) more than White people.

  • White people go to jail at a rate 42% BELOW the state average.

Source: http://trends.vera.org/rates/brazos-county-tx

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YoungDemsBCS invites you to join us at a Bryan City Council meeting on May 14 to voice your concerns regarding these disturbing findings. Arrive and provide your name before 5:30 in order to be included in the public commentary portion, which starts at 6.

RSVP here to let us know you plan to attend City Council Meeting with us.

On Saturday, May 11, we will be hosting a workshop to prepare for the city council meeting. At this meeting, we will go over messaging, tone and data points. Members of the community are also invited to attend and share their personal stories.

We will also go over the specific asks we have of Bryan City Council and Bryan PD for feasible improvements (and we welcome any suggestions you may have as wel!). This workshop will ensure that we come prepared as a collective and can speak confidently to Bryan City Council on the issue at hand.

RSVP for the Criminal Justice Working Group here.