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Blockwalk The Talk


Every Saturday

10 am

307 S Main St.

blockwalk the talk.jpg

Ready to create REAL CHANGE on a local level? Time to #BlockwalkTheTalk! Every Saturday morning, Young Dems BCS will be blockwalking targeting crucial precincts in Bryan and College Station to make sure residents know about our upcoming municipal elections, where their nearest polling place is, who is running, and make sure they are registered to vote!

Don't worry--we will give you materials to hand out plus a script to read!

are you registered to vote at your current address.jpg

Voter Registrars and bilingual speakers are especially encouraged to participate; however, you do not need to be a voter registrar or bilingual speaker to participate. If you're willing to help, we need you!

Bring walking shoes, water, a smartphone, car charger, sunscreen, and a hat. Voter registrars--don't forget your DVR pad!

We leave from the parking lot of 307 S Main St Bryan at 10 am sharp.